Mary Jo Landen, Realtor

“I met Sharon while purchasing a condo. Carlsbad was new to me as well as California! Our first meeting we clicked! She always keeps my preferences in the fore front while at the same time incorporating beautiful new design ideas with my color choices & furniture to be moved from out of state. She also helped picking out new furniture as well as meeting and offering me options on other purchases. It was a pleasure working with Sharon & I recommend her services to anyone moving to a new place or wanting to spruce up their current home.”

Leah Serrano, Financial Advisor

“I hired Sharon based on a recommendation a good friend of mine gave me. She told me that Sharon was absolutely fabulous…. I didn’t know what to expect since I had never hired a designer before. What I did know was that I was in the last month of my pregnancy and under construction with my new office and new partners. I had little time, patience and clarity on what I wanted. She not only was able to juggle three different partners giving her various instructions that didn’t always align, but also worked with an ongoing changing deadline. She helped us create a space that brought our different tastes and personalities together harmoniously. I loved not only how pleasant she is a person but how talented she is as a designer. I now understand what my friend meant by “fabulous”. My husband was also so impressed that we plan on hiring her to decorate our new home.”

Jonathan Budd, CEO Internet Marketing Company

“Working with Sharon has been an absolute joy… and I was truly sad when we finished this project”. To give you a brief background, Sharon was recommended to me by a mutual friend when I relocated my business to California. The first time I met Sharon I knew she was a happy person and we would get along Fantastic! She took the time to listen to my needs, learned my style, and planned out a design scheme that really connected with me and made my home feel right. If you want someone who cares, who knows how to work with your budget and who you will enjoy … then I couldn’t recommend Sharon enough.”

Mary Wilson, Stay at Home Mom

“Last year my husband and I moved into a wonderful new home. I asked Sharon if she would take charge of helping me decorate it. She gladly accepted the challenge and did an Amazing job! She went above and beyond all my expectations. She transformed our home into our “Dream Home” and at a price that was affordable and comfortable for our budget. Thank you, Sharon for following our dream. Your talent has given my husband and I a nurturing home that is perfect for us to entertain and yet raise our children. We are so proud of our home! We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Larry Kraus, Retail Store Owner

“I live in a very cool 2 story condo with a loft in Mission Beach. I came to Sharon to help me decorate my upper level room/loft/bathroom area. Sharon immediately connected with my style, which is eclectic with a lot of vintage pieces that I’ve collected over the years. Sharon has helped me create a retro retreat where I can entertain guests and still feel like it’s my personal space to wind down after a long day of fun or work. Sharon goes the extra mile to find good deals and save her client’s money and time! She has a great vision and understanding of my style and executed my remodel perfectly. She is also an absolutely charming young lady and a pleasure to work with, which is a Big plus when working on your personal space. I would highly recommend her.”

Lynn Hellenbrand, Elementary School Teacher

“Sharon Fox is an exceptional interior designer with great taste. She helped me go beyond my safe and comfortable knowledge of design to come up with an extraordinary bedroom. I love the various colors and textures she chose, making it a more interesting and peaceful place to sleep. Thank you Sharon for all your patience, and turning my bedroom into an amazing get away.”

Entry Way accents and table

Bill Woodworth, Partner and Managing Director

“When I was relocating my home and needed to develop a new place that was both conducive to my family and personal tastes I was extremely fortunate that a friend referred me to Sharon to assist me through the process. Sharon spent time getting to know about me, our family, our hobbies and needs, helped me pull together a budget, and then she was off and running. We were in our new home in a short time with virtually everything we needed. Thanks to Sharon, what I thought was going to be a real time consuming, difficult process was made easy and I actually enjoyed the journey. If you need help getting settled in a new or redesigned space I would highly recommend contacting Sharon, I know I’ll send my good friends her way.”

unique center piece sculpture and vase

John and Tillie Sousa, Retired

“When my husband and I downsized and moved into our condo, Sharon helped us decorate. She is one of the most creative people I know and a joy to work with, often times going out of her way to build a living space that is comfortable and beautiful to look at. Her ideas are fresh and appealing and she stuck to our budget. Her focus made our condo, not only a show place but a pleasing, restful area in which we are proud to entertain our family and friends.Thank you, Sharon! Your work is awesome! We love our place and we love you!”